Bullyproof Your Workplace: Strategies to Prevent Workplace Bullying – Audio


Tired of feeling stressed out every time you clock in because of bullies at work? “Bullyproof Your Workplace: Strategies to Prevent Workplace Bullying” is the guide you need. Rae A. Stonehouse, a retired registered nurse with over 40 years in mental health, lays it all out for you. The book starts with real talk from his own life, showing you what bullying in the office looks like and how to handle it. It’s like having a wise friend guide you through dealing with the jerks at work and the emotional toll it takes on you.

But this book ain’t just about you; it’s also about making your whole workplace better. In Part Two, Stonehouse steps it up a notch and talks to the bosses and organizations. He gives you the full playbook on how to stop bullying before it even starts. We’re talking everything from setting the right policies to training employees to be better humans. And don’t worry, even if you’re not in healthcare, the book’s lessons work for any job. So if you’re keen to turn your toxic work scene into a place that’s actually chill to be in, this book’s your first step.


Bullyproof Your Workplace: Strategies to Prevent Workplace Bullying by Rae A. StonehouseBullyproof Your Workplace: Strategies to Prevent Workplace Bullying – Audio

Are you fed up with workplace bullies and dreading going in each day due to toxic environments? Act now & bullyproof your workplace.

Bullying in the workplace can take many forms, from verbal abuse to exclusion from group activities, and it can have a significant impact on an individual’s mental and physical health. In “Bullyproof Your Workplace: Strategies to Prevent Workplace Bullying,” retired registered nurse Rae A. Stonehouse draws on over four decades of experience in psychiatry and mental health to provide insight into the issue and practical solutions for workers and organizations.

Divided into two parts, the book begins with “A Personal Perspective,” in which Stonehouse shares examples and situations from his own career to help readers understand what bullying looks like and how to respond to it. He offers sage advice on how to identify and cope with workplace bullies, and shares strategies for dealing with the emotional toll of being targeted.

In Part Two, “Best Practices to Prevent Bullying in The Workplace,” Stonehouse takes a higher-level approach to the problem. Drawing on his experience he provides practical solutions for organizations seeking to prevent bullying before it starts. From policy development to employee training, Stonehouse offers a comprehensive toolkit for organizations looking to create a safe and respectful workplace culture.

While Stonehouse’s examples are drawn from his experience in healthcare, he believes that the lessons learned apply to other worksites. Bullyproof Your Workplace” is an essential resource for anyone looking to create a healthy and positive workplace environment, free from the damaging effects of bullying.


Wondering what’s inside? Here is a sample from the audiobook version read by Mike, a Google Artificial Intelligence.


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