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Imagine public speaking as a bowl of strawberries—that’s the delicious analogy Rae Stonehouse serves up in his e-book, “Working With Words: Adding Life to Your Oral Presentations.” He reckons that a few well-chosen words can be like savoring a couple of fresh strawberries—absolutely delightful. But get bombarded with too many, and it’s like being faced with a bushel you can’t possibly eat. The trick, Stonehouse says, is to craft your speech like a strawberry shortcake: just the right amount to leave your audience satisfied yet hungry for more.

With over 26 years of Toastmasters experience, Stonehouse is dishing out the good stuff. His book isn’t just about talking; it’s about talking with pizzazz. You’ll learn how to sprinkle the sugar of descriptive power into your talks, whip up vocal variety that captivates, and garnish with gestures that pack a punch. “Working With Words” is the go-to guide for anyone itching to amp up their speaking game and leave listeners lingering on their every word.


Working With Words: Adding Life to Your Oral Presentations by Rae A. StonehouseWorking With Words: Adding Life to Your Oral Presentations – Audio

Forrest Gump is known for having said Life is like a box of chocolates. It occurred to the author in a dream one night, that life is more like a bowl of strawberries.

More precisely, public speaking is like a bowl of strawberries.

A few strawberries, freshly picked off the plant and immediately eaten, can be delicious.

bushel basket of them sitting in front of you with the expectation you had to eat them, here and nowwouldn’t be.

But what about a nice strawberry sundae or a good-sizedmouth-watering portion of strawberry shortcake?

When it comes to public speaking, there are times when fewer words are better.

There are times we are bombarded with a speaker telling us everything they know about a subject.

There’s too much to absorb… so we tune out.

Then there is the strawberry shortcake of presentations.

This is where the speaker whets your appetite, gives you just enough of a serving that you are close to being full and leaves you wanting more.

Working With Words: Adding Life to Your Oral Presentations provides you with the recipe for using words to help you become a dynamic speaker.

Veteran Toastmaster of over 26 years, Rae A. Stonehouse provides sage advice and helpful tips to whet your appetite to become a more dynamic speaker and presenter.

The book explores the following public speaking strategies:

  • The Language of Speaking
  • Improving Your Descriptive Powers
  • Using Vocal Variety to Make Your Presentations Come Alive
  • Using Gestures for a Powerful Speech… and much more!

Working With Words: Adding Life to Your Oral Presentations is for any speaker or presenter who wants to take their speaking to the next level.

Curious about the contents? Here’s a snippet from the audiobook, narrated by Mike, a Google Artificial Intelligence voice.



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