You’re Hired! Job Search Strategies That Work – E-book


Hey there! On the hunt for a job and feeling stuck? “You’re Hired! Job Search Strategies That Work” is the e-book you gotta check out. It’s packed with the kind of advice that can actually help you snag that job you’ve been dreaming about. We’re talking about practical, no-nonsense strategies that can make the difference between another ignored application and the one that lands you an interview. This book isn’t about sticking to the same old tired methods. Nope, it’s about finding work in a way that actually works. It’s time to get savvy about how you look for jobs and stand out. This guide will show you how to polish your resume until it shines, network like a pro, and turn those nerve-wracking interviews into a walk in the park. You’ve got this!

Now, let’s chat about resumes and networking – they’re your secret sauce to job-hunting success. “You’re Hired!” by Rae A. Stonehouse gets you in on crafting a resume that’s like a golden ticket to interviews, putting your best foot forward right off the bat. And don’t sweat it if you think you don’t know the right people. This book will show you how to tap into the network you didn’t even know you had, making connections that could open doors for you. Plus, it’s got your back with tips on how to get your references cheering for you so loud employers can’t help but take notice. And if the thought of an interview is keeping you up at night, chill. “You’re Hired!” is like a personal coach, prepping you to knock those interview questions out of the park. Get ready to bring your A-game and show those hiring managers that you’re not just a choice, but the only choice – the right choice. Let’s get to work and get you hired!



You're Hired! Job Search Strategies That Work by Rae A. StonehouseYou’re Hired! Job Search Strategies That Work – E-book

Looking for work? Having difficulty in landing your dream job… or any job? Don’t know how to do it?

You’re Hired! Job Search Strategies That Work provides powerful strategies and tactics to land your next job.

Searching for and landing a job can be a stressful, demoralizing experience, especially, if you don’t know how to do it properly. The ‘old ways’ of finding a job often don’t work anymore.

Finding rewarding work … is work!

You’re Hired! Job Search Strategies That Work, puts you to work in learning how to use ‘best practices’ to land your ‘dream’ job.

This easy-to-read book is a systematic program providing strategic tactics to maximize your job searching effectiveness.

Did you know there is a psychology behind the process of job searching? You’re Hired! Job Search Strategies That Work helps you understand the psychology of job-searching and sets you up for envisioning your success.


It is often said that “resumes are your ticket to job searching success.” Resumes are still the not so secret weapon to landing a job.

You won’t win a lottery if you don’t have a ticket and you are unlikely to be invited for a job interview if you don’t have a dynamic, effective resume that features you as the solution to a problem. Your resume is your ticket that leads to being invited for an interview where you can expand upon your value.

An effective, eye-catching resume will get you an interview. We show you how to craft and fine-tune a magnetic resume that will attract an employer’s attention.

Are you networking?

Many job search industry professionals say that networking is the single most effective strategy for landing your next job. You may think you don’t know anyone who can help you with your job search. But you know more people than you think, and they are willing to help you. However, you need to reach out and connect with them first.

“It’s not who you know… it’s who knows you know…”

You’re Hired! Job Search Strategies That Work helps you build upon your existing network of contacts and take it to the next level, an opportunity-creating machine.


Do you have your professional and personal references in place? Are they primed to be your personal cheerleaders? No? Well they should be.

You’re Hired! Job Search Strategies That Work provides you with proven tactics to leverage your references to help nail the job for you.

Job Interviewing…

While looking for a new job and going though hiring interviews can be exciting for some people, for many of us it can be a stressful experience. Is the thought of a job interview keeping you awake at night?

You’re Hired! Job Search Strategies That Work systematically builds your skills to excel at interview questions and help you sleep at night.

From our experience, one of the biggest problems job seekers often face is they feel they are coming from an inferior position and they don’t have a lot of personal power.

The belief being that the Employer has the superior position and has all the power. Sound familiar?

Yes, they have the job and they have the power to give you the job … or not.

What you may not realize is many Hiring Managers are under similar pressures as you, the job seeker. They are accountable to their superiors should the person they hire not work out. They have the pressure of finding the right candidate for the vacancy they need to fill.

You’re Hired! Job Search Strategies That Work by author Rae A. Stonehouse levels the playing field between you and the employer.

Your task is to become the only choice. The right choice!


Wondering what’s inside? Here is a sample from the audiobook version read by Mike, a Google Artificial Intelligence.









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